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Energetic formula to defeat exhaustion and prepare you for a full day challenge!


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A Product Trusted By Thousands of Malaysians

Health Benefits: American Ginseng Tablet is an energetic formula that:


Boosts concentration

Protects the vessels and heart

Nourishes the lungs and eliminate heatiness

Boosts memory

Ditches fatigue


Being busy with everyday activities at home or at work make people experience fatigue or the feeling of constant tiredness or weakness. However, there are people who experience this feeling despite the fact that they haven’t even done something yet. In fact, some people already feel tired even before the day starts.


If you, in any case, belong to the population of people who suffer from constant fatigue or low energy levels then it is time to consider taking American Ginseng Tablet!


This energetic formula has an essence that comes from ginsenoside, which is an active ingredient known to possess a strong health effect. It plays a vital role when it comes to brainpower, detoxification, and physical fitness. It can regulate the nervous system in the brain, nourish the lungs, and protect the heart from diseases.